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The Department of Musicology boasts a wide range of research interests and projects. Our main specialty is historical musicology, but we also work with popular music studies, ethnomusicology, music aesthetics and artistic research. We also have special expertise within music theory and music analysis, which is evident in education as well as research.

Early Modern Cultural History

Early Modern Cultural History research node

The Department of Musicology participates in a faculty research node at the Faculty of Arts, called Early Modern Cultural History. The research node is aimed towards cultural history during Early Modern times, which roughly covers the period from 1450-1850. It is a collaboration between the Department of History, Department of Art History (also including Textile History) and Department of Musicology. A number of international universities, research departments and other institutions also take part in the research node. The node also gives students at the faculty's master programmes an opportunity to get involved in senior research projects. For more information about collaborations, current projects and seminars, see Early Modern Cultural History.