Department of Musicology

Research seminar

The research seminar in musicology is a forum where scholars, PhD students and other students meet to discuss current or concluded projects within musicology or other related disciplines. A couple of times each semester, international scholars visit our department to present their work. Please note that some of the seminars are text seminars, to which texts can be acquired by contacting the coordinator of the seminar series, Ester Lebedinski, by e-mail

The seminars are usually held Tuesdays from 1.15 pm CET until 3 pm. Directors of the seminar are Lars Berglund and Ester Lebedinski. If you have any questions, please contact Ester.

Research seminar autumn semester 2017

NB: Additions or changes may be made during the semester. Check this page regularly!

Time and place (unless otherwise stated): Tuesday kl. 1.15pm-3pm in lecture room F2 (2-0047)

  1. 26/9: Marina Tofetti, Padua: "Restoring musical masterpieces. Theory and methodology of the reconstruction of incomplete polyphony".
  2. 10/10: Ester Lebedinski, Uppsala: Draft article: "A difficult enterprise it is therfore to make old stuffe new: J.H. Roman, imitatio, and English Musical Antiquarianism".
  3. 24/10: Mattias Lundberg, Uppsala: Draft article: "Lutheran Church Music as 'Nordicness' in Popular Culture: The Cases of the Coen bros' 'Fargo' (1996), The Ark's 'Father of a Son' (2002) and Disney's 'Frozen' (2013)". N.B. The seminar has been rescheduled from 17/10.
  4. 21/11: Maria Schildt, Uppsala: "Tillfällen och dess musik: transfer och anpassning i 1600-talets Nordeuropa" (N.B. The seminar will be held in Swedish) N.B. The seminar has been rescheduled from 7/11.
  5. 12/12: Per-Henning Olsson, Uppsala: Title t.b.a.