Department of Musicology

Research seminar

The research seminar in musicology is a forum where scholars, PhD students and other students meet to discuss current or concluded projects within musicology or other related disciplines. A couple of times each semester, international scholars visit our department to present their work. Please note that some of the seminars are text seminars, to which texts can be acquired by contacting the coordinator of the seminar series, Lars Berglund, by e-mail

The seminars are usually held Tuesdays from 1.15 pm CET until 3 pm. Directors of the seminar are Lars Berglund and Ester Lebedinski. If you have any questions, please contact Ester.

Research seminar spring semester 2018

NB: Additions or changes may be made during the semester. Check this page regularly!

Time and place (unless otherwise stated): Tuesday kl. 1.15pm-3pm in lecture room F2 (2-0047)

  1. 23/1 Stefan Sunandan Honisch, University of British Columbia: "Vulnerable Virtuosities: Disability and Competitive Musical Performance". N.B. E-seminar held in room 9-1061.
  2. 30/1 Petter Hellström, Department of History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University: "Ackordens familjeträd".
  3. 20/2 Edward Campbell, University of Aberdeen: "The concept of becoming-animal".
  4. 27/2 Per-Henning Olsson, Department of Musicology, Uppsala: Title t.b.a.
  5. 13/3 Christine Jeanneret, University of Copenhagen: ”The Chigi Music Collection in Seventeenth-Century Rome: Performing, Collecting, Controlling“
  6. 27/3 Veronika Muchitsch, material from PhD project on voice and body politics.
  7. 17/4 Helen Rossil, Uppsala: ”Meeting Sacred Time and Space through Hymnbook-Singing”. Presentation of a draft of a paper for the conference "Music and the Sacred".
  8. 24/4 Karin Nelson, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo: "Hidden pedagogy in 17th century manuscripts"
  9. 4/5 Peter Gillgren, Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University: Paper on the book "Siting Michelangelo: Spectatorship, Site Specificty and SoundscapeN.B. Friday 1.15pm
  10. 15/5 Angela Impey, SOAS University of London: “Unspeakable Truths: The Performance of Forgiveness in South Sudan’s Transformative Justice Process”
  11. 22/5 Lars Berglund, Department of Musicology, Uppsala University: ”Bonifacio Graziani, musica suavissima and Jesuits in mid-seventeenth century Rome: drafting a book project”
  12. 29/5 Kjell-Åke Hamrén, Department of Musicology, Uppsala University: Presentation of material from PhD project on the violin pedagody of Sven Karpe. N.B. The seminar has been cancelled.
  13. 12/6 Monika Voithofer, Karl Franzens-Universität, Graz: "Thinking, Listening, Da capo. Conceptual Music as an Intermediate Art Practice”