Outline for Master's Programme in the Humanities

Masterprogram i humaniora

Specialisation: Cultural Anthropology (Kulturantropologi)


  • Latest outline for the specialisation Cultural Anthropology (applies from Autumn 2017)
Recommended study plan within the Master Programme of Humanities in Cultural Anthropology.
Acad Year: Approx 1 Sept-5 June
Fall: 1 Sept-19 Jan
Spring: 20 Jan-5 Jun


Semester 1

Courses: Two mandatory (theory and method) and two optional.

Overview of the courses at Advanced level in Cultural Anthropology

Fall semester, period Sept-Oct:
Advanced Study of Anthropological Theory, 7.5 credits

Fall semester, period Nov-Jan:
Anthropological Research Methods, 7.5 credits
Political Ecology, 7.5 credits

Semester 2

Spring semester, period Jan-March
Empirical data collection (field work)
Thesis writing courses

Spring semester, period April-June:
Anthropology in Practice, 7.5 credits
Contemporary Debates and Developments in Cultural Anthropology, 7.5 credits
Ethnography and Multiculturalism, 7.5 credits

Semester 3

ERASMUS semester. For example: in Brussels, Leiden, Louvain-la-Neuve; Leuven, Aix-en-Provence/Marseille, Mainz

Semester 4

Thesis writing
Course(s) on 'Anthropology in Practice' (or equivalent course) plus 10 weeks of professional practice in organisation