This page contains information to those already studying at our department. If you are considering studying at the department, and you want information about our courses and programmes, then take a look at our Admissions page.

Student with disabilities

Studieadministrativa blanketter

Vill du ansöka om studieuppehåll eller studieavbrott på programmet, anmäla återgång till studier eller ansöka om tillgodoräknande av kurs? Du hittar webbformulär för detta här:

Du kan också hitta dessa blanketter under FAQ, där du även kan läsa mer om förutsättningarna för dessa ansökningar.

Department board

At the department, we have a department board that gathers a few times each semester. It deals with issues like what courses should be given, the working environment, equal rights etc. The board consists of both staff and students. The department board meets several times each semester. If you have any thoughts or ideas concerning your studies, don't hesitate to contact either one of the student members of the board, and they will address it at the forthcoming meeting. New student members are elected regularly, but you can always find an updated list of the members of the board here: Department board of the Department of Musicology.

Equal rights

At the Department of Musicology, we have formed a working group which works actively to ensure that everyone who works or studies at the department will have equal rights, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. The group is led by the department's representative for equal rights, Mattias Lundberg. They have made a revised action plan for equal rights, which was approved by the department board in November 2016. The action plan is currently only available in Swedish, but for more information, please don't hesitate to contact the chairman of the group Mattias Lundberg.


As a student at the Department of Musicology and Uppsala University, you have a plethora of scholarships to apply for. There are both grants open to students at all levels, and those that are aimed at students at either basic or advanced level only. For more information about scholarships, see Scholarships for current students if you are already studying at Uppsala University, or Scholarships for prospective students if you are a prospective student.

If you want to study at our department through the ERASMUS programme, you are also entitled to scholarships. See Apply for an Erasmus grant for more information about rules and application procedures.

The Department of Musicology offers a special scholarship each semester, aimed specifically at students at the Master programme in the humanities who have chosen musicology as their main subject. See Scholarships for master students for more information.

Last modified: 2023-10-25