Future / Present. Current Practices in Pop Music Studies

Conference in Uppsala, June 19-20, 2018

Conference program

Hosted at the Department of Musicology, Uppsala University, this conference is envisioned as a space for engaging current practices in the field of pop music research. It aims to explore theoretical and methodological developments across disciplinary boundaries, to map future directions, and to foster further discourse and collaborations in this field of study. The conference is structured around three areas of research: Current methodological approaches and pop music analysis; current epistemological and theoretical work; as well as current aesthetic, technological, and sonic developments in pop music.

The conference aims at promoting popular music studies both, within Sweden, the Nordic Countries, and internationally, and at strengthening national and international networks in this interdisciplinary field of study. This objective is reflected by the choice of keynote speakers: Professor Anne Danielsen (University of Oslo) as well as Associate Professor Robin James (UNC Charlotte, North Carolina, US) are two leading scholars in the field, who have stimulated the study of pop music through visionary methodological and theoretical perspectives.

All interested colleagues and students are warmly welcome to take part in our conference as passive participants! To facilitate our planning, please register by E-Mail at futurepresentpop@musik.uu.se

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