Steven Kruger, Professor of English/Medieval Studies at Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY, is author of Dreaming in the Middle Ages, AIDS Narratives, and The Spectral Jew, and coeditor (with Deborah Geis) of Approaching the Millennium: Essays on Angels in America and (with Glenn Burger) of Queering the Middle Ages.

Malek J. Zuraikat is Associate Professor of Medieval English literature in the English Department of Yarmouk University. He teaches several courses of English literature and criticism and supervises some master theses in literature. He has several publications in different academic journals, such as JJMLL, IJAES, 3L, Dirasat, etc. He is currently working on several research projects associated with Middle English language and literature.

Anna Chacko is a PhD candidate in the department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge. Her research focusses on critical discourses and self-conscious style in medieval Irish satirical narratives. She is interested in signals of medieval Ireland’s participation in a shared intellectual culture with medieval Europe.

Alessia Bellusci is a historian of Hebrew culture who specializes in medieval Jewish thought, manuscript culture, and lived religion. Working at the intersection of history, religion and cultural anthropology, she studies the production and transmission of technical knowledge in pre-modern Judaism and the history of Jewish magic.

Marlène Beghin is preparing a PhD in Art History and Philosophy at EPHE Paris and EHESS Paris (PSL Research Universities). In her thesis, she considers theories and images of dreams in France during the 14th century and take a multidisciplinary approach to examine them as historical sources for an anthropology of dreams.

Mikhail Lopatin, PhD, is Researcher at Uppsala University. His main research interest is in Italian Trecento-early Quattrocento music, with a particular focus on musico-textual relationships, metapoesis, music theory and practice, dream songs, and senses/intersensoriality. He published on these and related topics in such journals as Early music, Music & Letters, Music analysis, and Studi musicali. He is currently working on a book on music and metapoesis in Trecento music.

Valerio Cappozzo is Associate Professor at the University of Mississippi. His monograph titled The Medieval Dream Dictionary. The Somniale Danielis in Literary Manuscripts (Leo. S. Olschki 2018) presents an edition of the widely circulated dream manual from the ninth century to 1550. He is also co-author with Jacques Dalarun and Sean Field of A Female Apostle in Medieval Italy: The Life of Clare of Rimini (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022). He is now editing a volume titled Dream Interpretation in the Global Middle Ages (Brill 2023).

Aaron Kachuck is the Professor of Latin Authors and Latin Literature at Université of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve). A specialist in Latin literature, and a comparatist by formation, he works at the intersection of literature and religion at Rome. He is the author of The Solitary Sphere in the Age of Virgil (Oxford University Press, 2021), and is currently working on a commentary on the Satires of Persius, Rome’s most solitary poet (under contract with Cambridge University Press), and on articles, monographs, and collective projects related to cosmography in antiquity and in the classical tradition, to the role of ritual in the poetic imaginary of Latin literature, and to solitude and to Cynicism in antiquity and its later reception.

Aistė Kiltinavičiūtė, PhD, is Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages & Linguistics at the University of Cambridge and Research Fellow at Vilnius University. Aistė specialises in medieval Italian literature and culture with a particular interest in Dante studies and early Italian lyric poetry.

Andreas Keller is a licensed psychologist and psychoanalyst in training, working with private clients in Stockholm. He is also a translator of psychoanalytic literature, working amongst other texts with the work of Wilfred Bion.

Daniel Reeve is Assistant Professor of English at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research interests include medieval romance, literary philosophy, and various theoretical questions (including, most recently, the relationship between medieval fictionality and historical time). He holds a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford.

Meghan Quinlan, DPhil, is a research fellow at Uppsala University, funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR) and Torsten Söderberg Foundation. As part of her VR project, she is examining the mutability of musical, linguistic, and natural sounds in medieval dreambooks, focusing on the Somniale Danielis tradition.  She has published articles on medieval song in Music & Letters, Early Music, and a number of edited collections, is active as a singer and instrumentalist, and has a longstanding interest in psychoanalysis.

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