Performing rhythm of life - interpretation of time in Olivier Messiaen's organ works

One of the most common beliefs about music is that it goes deeper into a man than the words and awakens our innermost to life. By being in the musical happening, something happens to us and our relationship to ourselves and the outside world. The idea appears in various cultures and times, but in Western tradition it is also in a special way associated with the Romantic view of art and the modern Society.

Theoretically, the project is seeking a dialogue with modern philosophy on the recurrent reflections on music as an art form where people's subjective experience of time can be detected and reshaped (here represented by Schelling, Bergson, Husserl and Deleuze). By means of artistic expression, the project examines this time interpretation of Messiaen's organ works, and explores how musicians can perform this music in order to allow such a change to come about. What kind of parameters can a single interpreter use for the adaptations of a repertoire that aims to transform man's experience of himself and the world?

Project coordinator: Jonas Lundblad
Funded by: The Swedish Research Council
Starting: 2014