Research seminar

The research seminar in musicology is a forum where scholars, PhD students and other students meet to discuss current or concluded projects within musicology or other related disciplines. A couple of times each semester, international scholars visit our department to present their work. Please note that some of the seminars are text seminars, to which texts can be acquired by contacting Lars Berglund by e-mail

The seminars are usually held Tuesdays from 1.15 pm CET until 3 pm. 

Research seminar spring semester 2022

NB: Additions or changes may be made during the semester. Check this page regularly!

Time and place (unless otherwise stated): Tuesday kl. 1.15pm-3pm in Room 2-0047

  1. 1/2 Catherine Ann Bradley, Oslo: "Perspectives for lost polyphony and red notation around 1300: Medieval motet and organum fragments in Stockholm"
  2. 22/2 Benjamin Martin, Department of History of Ideas, Uppsala: "The Sound(s) of World Peace: On the Intellectual History of Music at UNESCO"
  3. 1/3 NB Room 2-0043 Carolien Hulshof, Uppsala: "Walking the line: female sexuality and gendered power relations in Zanzibari wedding ngoma" (PhD dissertation chapters)
  4. 29/3 13.15-ca. 16.00 Fredrica Roos, Uppsala: Final seminar on PhD dissertation on Gustav Mahler's symphonies. Discussant: Associate Professor Jens Hesselager, Copenhagen
  5. 5/4 Christine Dysers, Uppsala: "The Loop Generation: Practices, Aesthetics and Philosophies of Repetition in Contemporary Composition"
  6. 3/5 Veronika Muchitsch, Södertörn: "Mediations of genre and gender in 'genrefluid' Spotify playlists"
  7. Saturday 7/5 13.15 University main building, lecture room IX, Disputation: Helen Rossil defends her PhD thesis ""Kingotone og Brorsonsang: Folkelig salmesang i Danmark fra salmebøger og lydindspilninger". Faculty opponent: Associate professor Karin Lagergren, Linnaeus University. Note the date!
  8. 10/5 Sanna Raninen, Uppsala: "Music Books in Post-Reformation Sweden and Finland" CANCELLED
  9. 17/5 Meghan Quinlan, Uppsala: Title t.b.a. CANCELLED
  10. 31/5 Erik Bergwall, Uppsala: Presentation of PhD dissertation chapter
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